Antique Engagement Rings – The Trend of Modern Times!

Rings can have very different meanings. Some people might choose a ring strictly for decorative purposes, while others might choose one to show permanence. A wedding ring is an example of the latter. A ring is one that your spouse-to-be gives you as a symbol of having proposed to you. An antique engagement ring is one that is fashionable, demonstrates outstanding craftsmanship and can be extremely valuable. It also must have some sort of appeal. That is why it is treasured a lot.

An antique engagement ring can be made of gold or even platinum, depending on your taste and your economic status. Frequently, buyers need to sacrifice a lot in order to acquire these, which is part of what makes them special. There are two main types of rings: the antique ring and the estate ring. The antique engagement ring was designed at least 50 years ago. The estate ring has come from an estate; however, it was designed more recently (less than 50 years ago). Similar to scientists, jewelers have various names to identify their ring styles and the jewels that are set in the rings. An antique engagement ring comes in different styles that relate to the era in which the ring was designed. Popular styles include the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco eras of design.

There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind when choosing one. Diamonds are gem jewelers use most often in making rings that last, because the stone is sturdy. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful in considering a ring that is set with an emerald, for example, which is a softer stone and therefore, it could end up getting damaged very easily. The next concern is with the craftsmanship; check an antique engagement ring very carefully to confirm its authenticity. Jewelers could create an imitation of an older ring, which usually lessens the quality of the ring.

Sometimes you may want the diamond on your ring to appear bigger; in this case, the era the ring was created matters a lot. This situation calls for a ring that was made in the 1930s or the 1940s. During these decades, the stones were set in a rather complex carving, which made them look bigger. Last but not least is the quality. The quality designators used today do not necessarily apply to aged diamonds, because there was no advanced method of cutting the stones. The place where you purchase your antique engagement ring is also very important. Jewelers are the safest place to make your purchase, because they can give you a complete description of the ring.

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