Pearl as Perfect Anniversary Gift to Make Your Sweetheart Feel Extra Special

Jewelry can make special events such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, and Valentine’s Day more special because it shows that you really appreciate the recipient for giving such a valuable gift. Jewelry is perfect as a gift during birthdays because it is an occasion where you have to make your partner special. Usually people will give diamonds, gold and silver and that is a common gift for commemoration. But if you want to make your sweet heart feel special, then pearls might be the perfect gift for your birthday.
Pearl is a traditional gift for the 30th wedding anniversary according to Emily Post published in 1922 entitled Etiquette in Society, in Business, Politics, and at Home. However, pearls can be the perfect birthday present for any birthday because it can really make your partner feel special whether you are celebrating your first or hundredth year. Pearls may not be as expensive as platinum or diamonds, but they are valuable enough to make a picture of a special occasion perfect.

Pearls are basically products of Mother Nature as an oyster defense mechanism. When irritants enter the mollusk, especially the oysters, they begin to secrete a special layer called nacre to make the irritation smooth and enduring. As a result, the shape of the delicious gem is extra fine. It took several years to form large pearls like we see on the market or jewelry today, which is why pearls are very valuable. This intricate natural process of pearl formation can be very reflective of the complex and intimate character in your relationship.

Natural pearls are pearls that are formed naturally by wild oysters in the ocean, without human assistance. Natural pearls are very rare these days, and are therefore quite expensive. But if you can afford the extra costs, then you might get a natural pearl gift for your partner to illustrate the scarcity of your love. However, if you cannot afford expensive natural pearls, you can still get very good cultured pearls, which are also quite special

Cultured pearls are pearls formed by human intervention, but they are still very genuine and valuable. The difference is that humans are people who put irritants into mollusks instead of deliberately implanted. The process of pearl formation is still very similar to what occurs with wild oysters and usually takes two to five years. The good thing about cultured pearls is the quality of the shape and size of the pearl can be ascertained because humans know when the irritant is implanted and its shape and texture.

Most pearls that can be bought today are pearls that have been cultivated, whether sea water or fresh water. However, they still have significant value because the manufacturing process requires so much time and effort. Cultured pearls vary in price according to their size, luster, surface, color, and shape. It is important to examine these characteristics to get the highest value of pearls that you want to give as a birthday present.

When buying pearls, it is important to check the following:

The Nacre – this is a natural ingredient which is kept secret by oysters or mollusks to make irritation more tolerable. Nacre should not be thin because it can be easily peeled or peeled. Pearls with thicker nacre are usually more expensive.

Surface – pearls are generally valued more if the outer surface has no defects and is very clean. Extraordinary pearls often have a mirror-like surface that glitters very well, perfect as a birthday present.

Size – Pearls are usually measured in millimeters in diameter. As expected, larger pearls are usually more expensive than smaller ones. A difference of 1 millimeter can make a lot of difference in pearl value.

Color – Although most people think of pearls as white or beige, there are other colors of pearls such as black, green, aqua, champagne, gray and even gold. It’s important to match the color of the pearl with the user’s preference, especially if you give it as a birthday present.

The shape – symbol of perfection is perfect round pearls, so round pearls are usually more expensive. But there are pearls that have novelty forms and are considered valuable too.

Pearls can definitely be a perfect birthday gift. So, please shop and look for the perfect pearl to make your lover feel special on your birthday.

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