Right Hand Diamond Ring – Symbol of Independence

The trend that is gaining huge popularity in fashion jewelry is the right hand diamond ring, whose sales touch the sky. Women buying rings for themselves have become a popular trend nowadays which maintain a grip on today’s fashion circuits.

And after the success of his first attempt followed, after the victory of the diamond engagement ring, the diamond ring market still has the potential to become big once again. In fact, buyers of left hand diamond rings are more aimed at grooms while the right hand rings discuss women and men.

After the world is filled with the symbol of eternal love, diamond rings, the marketing strategies associated with this old product promotion scheme offset the right hand ring to become an engagement ring or commemorative band. Diamonds are not only placed on a variety of hands but also show variations in terms of design. The ring design shows absolutely no resemblance to a matrimonial ring because it uses a small stone rather than a single stone which gives an expression of personality that is completely different from the wearer.

This isn’t just about wearing the ring on the right hand because women have worn the ring on the right hand finger even before the marketing concept emerged. But rather in an embalmed obsession using a ring on the finger of the left hand.

Diamond rings are conventionally worn on the ring finger on the left hand because they are considered engagement or wedding rings. The burden of marketing the right hand ring is more likely to symbolize assertiveness, freedom and success as opposed to what is symbolized by the left hand diamond ring including unity, love and commitment. The marketing strategy scheme mainly targets independent women in the modern era. Following the wave of new feminist thought that emphasizes the desires of independence of married or single women in addition to the positions held by men in society can be confirmed by diamond rings.

Men are also an easy target for this advertising method, husbands who adore their wives and who value and value their wives as independent individuals rather than giving them gifts of good decoration. Apart from married men, there is a broad meaning to this concept because it is least important whether you are married or not until you have a strong bond of love because you can definitely consider buying the right hand. diamond ring as a gift.

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